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Introducing WreckSight

WreckSight is the groundbreaking new wreck visualisation application from Advanced Underwater Surveys (ADUS). With WreckSight, for the first time, divers are able to view images of shipwrecks interactively and in an unprecedented level of detail. Imagine being able to see every detail of the hull, deck and surrounding sea bed in fully interactive 3D before your dive. With WreckSight you can.

ADUS have developed a unique data processing and imaging system which utilises very high resolution multibeam sonar survey data, together with sophisticated post-processing, to create images of startling clarity. Our WreckSight software presents this data in a highly interactive format allowing divers to view a wreck from any angle, to zoom in and out and to obtain depth and distance information with a high degree of accuracy.

WreckSight includes a unique "Dive Routes" view to enable divers to intuitively create a detailed plan of a dive route, including multiple shotline positions, and to view the route in fully interactive 3D.

WreckSight has been two years in the making and ADUS now brings you this unique wreck visualisation experience for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard.

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WreckSight Scapa Flow Edition

WreckSight is making its debut with eight high resolution data sets of wreck sites located in Scapa Flow. This edition includes the following vessels: Cöln, Bayern, Karlesruhe, Markgraf, Dresden, Konig, Kronprinz Wilhelm and Brummer.

Scapa Flow is one of the most popular wreck diving destinations in UK waters and now, for the first time, you can take full advantage of our wreck visualisation software to help you plan your trip.

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